The Management

The Team

The  Green Bamboo Warm Shelter staff members are caring and dedicated to ensure that every child gets a better future. The staff members always care, show affection and every child can count on the staff about any concern. They understand the situation of every children and they support every child to have a better life, a better future.


The Shelter Manager

Ms. Nguyen Thi Bich Lieu has been the manager of the shelter since 2018. She has worked as a social worker since 2004 to present. She manages the every aspect of the shelter including the finance and caring of the children. She studied in the Vietnam National University. Her mission is to make sure that every child in Ho Chi Minh City regardless of their backgrounds to get the affection and care that they need.


One thought on “The Management

  1. Marcus Crenshaw

    I read about your organization today, and I plan to attend the event at “Saigon Outcast” a little later this evening. First let me say, I am happy to learn of your organization, and I want to express my appreciation for your dedicated efforts to help children.
    I am American and, unfortunately, I do not speak Vietnamese. I am interested in learning more about your work, and I am hoping there is some way for me to help you in your mission.
    While I realize that my inability to speak Vietnamese may limit my value to your organization, I decided to reach out to you in case there is some helpful role that I could possibly fulfill. I see that you are looking for people to sponsor children, and I feel certain that I may want to contribute in that way, at least.
    I live in HCMC, and I am a recently retired school psychologist. I also consider myself quite creative, and I have a number of hobbies and skills that may be helpful in some way.
    It appears that the people in your organization are motivated by a sincere desire to help children. I would like to congratulate and commend you for that, and I have a similar desire. I am, therefore, looking for a volunteer position, if there is a meaningful role I could fulfill in your organization.
    Regardless of whether there is a role for me in your organization, I am most interested in learning more about your work. Please let me know if you would like to talk to me. (Incidentally, my fiancé is Vietnamese, and she can accompany me to translate, in case there is a need for her help in that regard.)
    Best Regards,
    Marcus Crenshaw, Ph.D.


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